Mombasa Nightlife

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Mombasa at day is a dull, hot place with the usual traffic jams caused by the many Tuk tuks on the road. But if you have lived in Mombasa for a while then you know that life begins after sunset – well the night life.

Sheba Lounge at City Mall

Sheba Lounge was among the first exclusive lounges in Mombasa to be opened. The roof top location will give you a magnificent view of the Mombasa-Malindi highway and Haller Park. The venue prides itself of Ethiopian hospitality, so from 10pm expect your eyes to be bombarded by the bevy of beauty.

Gasaro Club and Lounge

Situated in Mtwapa, the Coastal town that never sleeps, Gasaro Hotel, Club and Lounge, is the new face of showbiz in Kilifi having opened its doors about a year and a half ago. It is situated directly opposite the famous Lambada Club, another iconic showbiz establishment in Mtwapa.

The newest joint in Mombasa is getting considerable publicity because of being unique, comfortable and well-designed. The relatively small luxury lounge, in comparison to many clubs in the vibrant port city, is more exclusive, with more mature and discerning clientele, with the meals and refreshments more pricey. With an efficient service and over 100 cocktails from around the world stocked in a glass-covered, colourful bar, Tapas is becoming more popular with those who prefer a less noisy atmosphere.

The Lounge

This is where Mombasa happens! Hitherto having gained notoriety for discriminating against unaccompanied female patrons, The Lounge is known for good music and a kicking ambiance. Situated at the City Mall, the club, which recently opened another space on the rooftop, is one of the best and most popular joints in Mombasa.

La Follia
Alongside Skyluxx, this club has also gotten the approval of revellers who troop in from everywhere to have a taste of the nightlife in Mtwapa. With Spin Cycle’s DJ Bones as part of the popular retinue of DJs rocking the crowds, the well-decorated club, which is an Italian-theme restaurant, is fast gaining traction.